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Dramatic rescue: German hiking couple rescued by helicopter on Mallorca

Mallorca, April, 12 2024
After a serious fall: mountain rescue rescues injured German couple in the mountains of Andratx.
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In a dramatic operation, the Guardia Civil mountain rescue service has rescued a German hiking couple from a dangerous situation in the mountains near Andratx on Mallorca, according to the newspaper Ultima Hora. The rescue operation took place after a 70-year-old German woman fell several meters from a ledge in the Coma dels Cellers area.

The woman in the accident suffered head and hand injuries in her fall. Her husband, who was uninjured in the accident, made an emergency call and the emergency services responded immediately. A rescue helicopter with specially trained Guardia Civil officers was dispatched to the scene of the accident.

After arriving at the scene of the accident, the emergency services quickly decided to hoist the couple safely into the helicopter using an electric winch. The pair were then flown directly to the Son Espases major hospital in Palma, where the injured woman received immediate medical treatment.

The Guardia Civil used this incident to advise hikers to choose their routes carefully according to their personal ability level and warned against overestimating their own abilities. The incident is a striking example of how quickly adventures can turn into life-threatening situations, especially in the challenging mountain landscape of Mallorca.

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