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Health drama surrounding Til Schweiger on Mallorca

Mallorca, April, 11 2024
Til Schweiger battles a serious infection in hospital: "Open leg" and sepsis threaten the star on Mallorca.
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Til Schweiger, the well-known German actor and director, is in a serious state of health in a hospital on Mallorca. The 60-year-old has been in hospital for two weeks after a wound on his leg led to dangerous blood poisoning. Schweiger told the Bild newspaper: "I've been receiving antibiotics in hospital for two weeks because I've had a wound on my leg since August. I hit my shin back then and germs got into it. Now I have an 'open leg', that's what they call it."

The incident could have serious consequences. According to reports, there was even a risk at times that Schweiger's leg would have to be amputated. His children Lilli and other family members have already come to the island to offer him support. Schweiger is to be examined again next Saturday to determine his further treatment.

Sepsis, often referred to as blood poisoning, can cause life-threatening complications. It occurs when the body's own reaction to an infection gets out of control and leads to damage to its own organs - in the worst case with a fatal outcome.

In addition to his career in film and television, Til Schweiger is also known on Mallorca as a hotelier and restaurateur. He runs the Barefoot Hotels chain, including a Hotel in Portocolomand the restaurant "Henry Likes Pizza" in Santanyí. Schweiger's condition highlights the potential risks of injury and infection, especially in a climate as warm and humid as Mallorca.

isla Magazine will stay tuned and will continue to report on the actor's state of health and developments in his treatment.

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