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Pricing policy causes discontent: Spanish restaurants introduce premium table charges

Mallorca, April, 10 2024
New payment rule in Spain: tourists pay more for "premium" tables with the best view.
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A new pricing policy in Spanish restaurants is causing considerable displeasure among tourists from Germany and around the world. As isla Magazine News reports, some restaurateurs in Spain have started to charge different prices for their tables based on whether they are considered "premium" tables.

This practice has occurred particularly in the region of Andalusia, where guests have to pay more if they want to sit at tables that are in the sun, right by the sea or in attractive places - places that are considered particularly desirable. A specific example was reported in Seville, where a woman had reserved a place in the sun but ended up sitting in the shade. When she requested a table change, she was told that there was an extra charge of ten euros for the sunny tables, as she told the newspaper "El Correo".

The restaurant owner defended this practice by pointing out that sun seats are marked as 'premium tables' on the website and menu and therefore higher prices apply. Although this approach is legally permissible, as business owners can in principle decide for themselves what prices they charge, it has nevertheless provoked criticism. A spokesperson for the Andalusian consumer association emphasized to the "Diario de Sevilla" that while a separate charge for sitting on the terrace is not allowed, higher prices for certain areas of the restaurant are perfectly permissible.

However, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, the prices at premium tables must be displayed "clearly and visibly", for example on the menu or with appropriate signs. Despite being legally permissible, this practice has met with considerable resistance from tourists and locals alike. Various restaurants have already introduced this unpopular rule.

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