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Trail running tips for beginners on Mallorca: fit for the summer

Mallorca, April, 13 2024
For jogging fans who want to actively experience the beauty of Mallorca, trail running is the perfect choice. With its varied hills and breathtaking sea views, the island offers ideal conditions for this natural running adventure. We have created a guide to help beginners get into the sport safely and effectively. From the right equipment to choosing your first routes and fitness tips, this guide covers it all. Particular emphasis is placed on the need to know your own limits and gradually increase the intensity. The cultural events surrounding trail running on Mallorca are also highlighted, as the island hosts numerous runs that welcome both beginners and advanced runners.
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Beginner-friendly tips for running off the beaten track

Mallorca is not only a paradise for sun worshippers and culture vultures, but also for trail running enthusiasts. With its diverse landscape, the island offers both rolling hills and challenging mountain trails to explore.

Easy routes for the start

For newcomers to trail running, a gentle introduction is recommended to avoid overexertion and injury. The Parc de Bellver, often referred to as Palma's green lung, is ideal with its numerous, slightly hilly and unpaved trails. These are perfect for first attempts at off-road running as they offer enough of a challenge without being overwhelming.

More challenges in Na Burguesa

The Na Burguesa area is somewhat more challenging. Here, an asphalt road ends abruptly and makes way for a wide cart path that leads over several kilometers and through moderate inclines. This path is ideal for those who long for more after running in the Parc de Bellver. Each route not only presents a new challenge, but also breathtaking views across the island.

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Important equipment for trail runners

Optimum equipment for uneven terrain

Switching from road running shoes to special trail running shoes is an important step. These shoes offer more grip and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. A good trail running shoe also protects you from sharp stones and roots, which are common on Mallorca's trails.

Important accessories

In addition to shoes, an adapted hydration system is essential. Drinking bottles or hydration bladders, which can be stowed in a running vest or belt, ensure that you stay hydrated on long runs. A small rucksack with space for snacks and perhaps a first aid kit is also advisable on longer tours.

Fitness and training

Preparing physically and mentally for trail running

Trail running challenges the whole body. In addition to cardiovascular endurance, strength, stability and coordination are also required. Regular strength training that is specifically tailored to the needs of trail runners helps to build up muscles and prevent injuries.

Dynamic and varied training

It is advisable to vary your training. In addition to runs, hiking days should also be planned, especially in steep areas, to strengthen the muscles and protect the joints. Technique training, which helps you to navigate safely over uneven terrain, is also an important part of your preparations.

With these tips and the right preparation, getting started with trail running on Mallorca will be a safe and enjoyable experience that promotes both physical and mental health.

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