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With Messi on the high seas: a view of the luxurious catamaran in the port of Palma

Mallorca, April, 25 2024
Experience pure luxury on Messi's Bali 5.4 catamarans, which can currently be admired in Palma. These elegant yachts are not only a symbol of sporting success, but also of exclusive cruising.
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© Bali 5.4 Catamaran - Lionel MessiLionel Messi, the Argentinian soccer star, is not only a legend on the pitch, but also a major player in the luxury yacht business on the world's oceans. His passion for the sea has led him to invest in a fleet of high-end catamarans from the French Catana Group, each costing 1.7 million euros. Three of these magnificent Bali 5.4 catamarans, the shipyard's flagships, can currently be admired at the nautical fair in Palma's marina.

These yachts are true masterpieces of naval architecture with 126 square meters of usable space, six cabins and just as many bathrooms, plus a spacious saloon and sun deck that leave nothing to be desired. Messi's iconic silhouette is emblazoned on the black sails in a jubilant pose, an instantly recognizable trademark for fans around the globe.

Interestingly, this small but fine fleet is not just for the star's private pleasure, but is also part of his charter company MIM Ocean. Here, well-heeled guests can hire the yachts and enjoy luxurious excursions on the Mediterranean for around 29,000 euros per week. In the off-season, the ships rest in their home port of Port Ginesta, Barcelona.

Majestic Hotel in S'Illot MallorcaMessi's involvement in the tourism sector is not limited to the sea. Since 2017, when he acquired his first hotel, he has expanded his Majestic Hotel Group to six hotels. His ventures illustrate how the 2022 world champion is skillfully transforming his sporting success into a substantial business portfolio.

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