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Why we love this island so much

...and discover who's really behind isla Travel.

Niels Teichmann - Mallorca expert

Niels Teichmann

Wondering why we love this island so much? We would like to tell you this story. To do so, let's rewind time a little and go back to when we first learned to love the island.

We met and had two households, so what to do with one? Mallorca was always a secret love and so we decided to go house hunting with one part of our household and in 2007 we moved into a very small apartment in Cala Figuera, a charming fishing village in the southeast of the island of Mallorca.

A lovely Mallorcan, whom we had known for some time, rented us the apartment after some hesitation and the question:"The is enough for you?" an old vacation apartment for a whole year.

From then on, we considered ourselves the happiest people and were delighted with our 40 square meters of living space by the sea, on our dream island - and with the fact that we were there, be able to dispose of them at any time.

The following stays on Mallorca, whether short or long, became our favorite topic and we told everyone about our experiences. We raved about our new domicile regardless of the consequences, trying to captivate and inspire everyone. We wanted to share our joy and our experiences on the island with our friends, acquaintances and all those who didn't know us very well at the time. During this time, we had the vague idea of describing and illustrating all the places and introducing the exciting people we have met since then. Only the form still gave us a few puzzles, but more on that later. But one thing was certain: our inherited red and white striped deckchairs had to be on display. For us, the deckchairs are a symbol of freedom, they have accompanied us to the most beautiful and remote places on the island and given us the feeling of being able to be alone there.

You've already guessed it: 40 square meters of living space can be very cramped, even when located on Mallorca. The only way to escape this confinement was to explore the island extensively.

Let yourself be surprised and find out where the deckchairs were placed all over the island, in every isla magazine, the two of them will find themselves in a new place that awakens longing ...

The isla magazine and thus also isla Travel and isla The basic idea for the events was born on a gray and foggy day in Lüneburg, and you probably know that at some point you get the blues and then you dream yourself away.

We followed our dream and were sure it would be wonderful. The journey so far, with the magazine issues, the travel offers, the experience offers and the events, has of course been a bit of everything: stress, joy, doubts "Why are we doing this to ourselves?" to the wow effect - "It's great".

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for supporting these ideas. Our common credo is: we want you to feel the joy and enthusiasm that surrounds us as we explore, develop and design the magazine for you while you are on vacation, experiencing it, reading the reports and interviews and leafing through the magazine.

Have fun browsing the pages!

Yours isla -Team with Niels Teichmann