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A stay in a finca on Mallorca promises a vacation that touches the soul and invigorates the senses. Here, in the quaint and stylishly furnished houses on the island, you will be whisked away into a world that harmoniously combines tradition and luxury. Fincas are traditional rural houses located in the most picturesque corners of Mallorca - whether close to the azure blue sea, tucked away in the peaceful hills or on the outskirts of lively towns. Finca vacations have their very own flair and offer an incomparable Mallorca experience.

Very special: a Mallorcan finca
Mallorcan fincas are not just accommodation - they are part of the island's history and culture. With their characteristic stone walls, wooden beams and often lovingly landscaped gardens, they offer an authentic experience. Many fincas have private pools and spacious terraces that invite you to spend relaxing hours under the Mediterranean sun.
A stay in one of these fincas is not just a vacation - it is a journey through time, an encounter with the soul of Mallorca.

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Would you like to rent long-term? Spend the winter in a finca? Maybe even buy a finca in Mallorca? We will be happy to advise you on your individual finca project!

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Fincas in Mallorca: our recommendations

ISLA-Travel-Hotel-sa-Galera-Finca Sa-Paissa.IMG-3135
from 240
per night

Sa Paissa

Cas Concos2 bedrooms80m² living space4 persons

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In the
ISLA Finca Hotel Can Gaia Pool
from 3000
per night

ISLA 05 Portocolom

Porto Colom11 Bedrooms
29 persons

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ISLA 01 Santanyi

Santanyi5 bedrooms370m² living space10 persons

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ISLA 01 Finca Santanyi Pool -main picture-
from 495
per night

The soul of Mallorca: an insight into the island's fincas

In the glittering world of the Mediterranean, on the picturesque island of Mallorca, lie hidden gems of history and culture - the Mallorcan fincas. More than just accommodation, these traditional properties are a reflection of the island's rich history, cultural depth and vibrant traditions. Today we take you on a journey of discovery through the stone walls and olive groves that are the true heart of Mallorca.

From farmland to idyll: the agricultural roots of fincas

The history of fincas goes back centuries, when they formed the backbone of the Mallorcan economy as agricultural estates. Olives, citrus fruits and vines thrived on these fields, surrounded by robust stone walls. Livestock farming and agriculture shaped the landscape and the way of life of the islanders. These historical roots can still be felt today when you stroll through the lush gardens and expansive fields of a finca on Mallorca.

Stone and wood: witnesses of time

The architecture of the fincas pays homage to traditional Mallorcan architecture. Thick stone walls, cooling in the summer heat and warming on cooler nights, tell stories of times gone by. The visible wooden beams under the roofs are evidence of skilled craftsmanship and a deep understanding of local materials and climatic conditions. These construction methods, adapted to the Mediterranean climate, are not only practical, but also give the fincas their unmistakable character.

Social threads in the fabric of time

Many of the fincas have a rich family history that stretches back generations. They are witnesses to the lives, struggles and joys of the people who have lived on them. These estates are therefore more than just houses; they are archives of social history that offer insights into the way of life and social structures of Mallorca.

Modern transformation: a new chapter

Nowadays, many fincas have been transformed. As luxury accommodation, they now offer an authentic experience for visitors from all over the world. This transformation shows how buildings steeped in history can be adapted to modern needs without losing their soul. With private pools, spacious terraces and lovingly landscaped gardens, they are the epitome of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Preserving culture: the legacy lives on

The maintenance of fincas is a crucial aspect of preserving Mallorcan culture and tradition. By renovating and using these historic buildings, the island's heritage is kept alive. Every restored wall, every preserved wooden structure helps to bring history to life for future generations.

Mallorca's heartbeat
in every finca

The 5 most frequently asked questions about fincas

What distinguishes a finca from a conventional hotel on Mallorca?
Fincas generally offer more space and privacy than hotel rooms. They are often located in remote, picturesque areas, which allows for a quieter stay close to nature, in contrast to the often centrally located and more frequented hotels.

Is a finca suitable for families?
Many fincas have several bedrooms and communal living areas, which makes them practical for families. They also often offer amenities such as private pools and gardens, which is particularly popular with children.

How do the prices and availability of fincas compare to other types of accommodation?
In general, fincas can cost between 100 and 500 euros per night, depending on the season and location. Prices vary greatly depending on size, level of luxury and proximity to tourist attractions. This often offers better value for money for larger groups or families compared to hotels.

What is the best location for a finca?
Fincas can be found both near the coast for beach lovers and inland, where you can enjoy the tranquil rural surroundings. Some fincas are also located close to cities such as Palma, which makes cultural excursions and shopping easier.

How authentic is the experience in a finca?
Traditional fincas often reflect Mallorcan architecture, with elements such as thick stone walls, wooden beams and rustic decorations. This offers an authentic experience in contrast to modernized hotels, which may show less regional character.

Can you "hibernate" in a finca?
Many of our fincas can be rented long-term and have heating facilities, so it is usually possible to spend the winter in Mallorca without any problems.

Is a finca suitable as a home office?
All fincas in our portfolio have stable Wi-Fi networks and attractive places to work. So yes: you can rent a finca for a workation.

Finca in Mallorca