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Solar eclipse 2026: A spectacular celestial spectacle awaits Mallorca

Mallorca, April, 10 2024
Mark August 26, 2026 in your calendar: Mallorca will be the scene of a rare total solar eclipse!
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Nature lovers and astronomy enthusiasts can rejoice: on August 26, 2026, Mallorca, along with other parts of Spain, will host an impressive solar eclipse. This rare natural spectacle, which recently caused great excitement in Central and North America, will be visible on the island for over an hour, according to isla Magazine.

However, the actual total solar eclipse, during which the moon completely covers the sun and thus provides a fascinating view of the sun's corona, will only last for a short time. This extraordinary event begins at exactly 20:31 and ends after just one minute and thirty seconds at 20:32. During this short period of time, it will be so dark that even other bright stars will be visible in the sky.

The phenomenon of the partial solar eclipse, in which only parts of the sun are covered by the moon, will begin as early as 19:37. Across Spain, La Coruña and Santander will be the first places where the beginning of the eclipse will be visible.

A critical focus is on the potential tourist crowds that such a rare event could bring. Spain will be one of the few countries in Europe to witness this natural spectacle in 2026. Outside of the Iberian Peninsula, only parts of Siberia in Russia, the western part of Iceland and Greenland will be able to enjoy the total solar eclipse.

This unique astronomical event captivates millions of people every few years and offers a unique opportunity to experience the interplay of cosmic forces live.

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